Worn out Belief Systems

My name is Sheila and I have been a community member of DTP-Leadership for 5 years.  I am 40 years old and work as a licensed professional counselor for a non-profit agency.  I remember learning about this group through a good friend of mine, and at the time I did not know what to expect from the experience.  I felt unsure and doubtful when I started attending the weekly sessions, not knowing about the intense learning and emotional growth that was soon to follow!

Since August 2005, I have participated in an amazing and worthwhile group experience filled with enthusiasm, excitement and passion.  Prior to my joining the group process of DTP-Leadership, I was a more depressed, stressed and anxious person.  I felt doubtful about speaking up in my relationships.  I did not know how to manage and express my feelings.  I had distorted beliefs about myself and others, and thought that things needed to be a certain way.  I did not know about my own addictive processes and how I was harming myself and others.  I was self-abusive and often would punish myself with destructive tirades in my head.  Some of my personal and professional relationships were quite strained, and I had more anger and resentment in my life. I blamed others and could not see how I was impacting events in my life.

Since becoming a member of DTP-Leadership, my work relationships with co-workers and clients have improved.  I now let go of what is outside of my power.  I speak up honestly to others without worrying about “hurting their feelings.”  My relationships with others flow smoothly without my trying to assume their thoughts and feelings in interactions with me.  I outwardly show my appreciation and thankfulness.  I feel less fearful and shy in my relationships as well.  I set healthy limits with myself in how long I work during an average work day, as well as how hard I work while I am there.  I say “no” to others without feeling guilty or having to make up for my response later.  And, I have increased confidence in myself.  I feel comfortable being myself and expressing myself around others.  I have meaningful and rich experiences with others and feel grateful for the parts of my life that bring me joy.

As I reflect on some of my past behavior and beliefs, I feel sad about how much time and energy I invested in destructive patterns and motives.  I carried my worn-out belief systems for years without knowing the harmful impact on myself and my significant relationships.  I now realize my world is open to healthier decision-making.  I support myself and others in being happy and successful.  I can proudly say I have acquired new awarenesses and skills that have increased my general well-being and outlook.   I feel thankful and appreciative for having the opportunity to participate in such a dynamic environment.