Living the Life You Want

The Living the Life You Want workshop will deepen and broaden your interpersonal skills, which are so crucial to success in nearly every endeavor. This Experience is an accelerated growth opportunity that builds on the Habits: Friend or Foe? Workshop (a prerequisite) to increase your knowledge of yourself and how you relate to others.

At the end of the Workshop, you will understand:

  • The causes and effects of individual habitual behaviors and attitudes
  • How to give and receive feedback in a way that makes everyone come out a winner
  • How to work with group dynamics to create positive outcomes
  • How your behavior affects others
  • How to develop creative solutions to necessary change
  • How to expand your leadership ability to rise in your organization

Who Will Benefit

Because the Living the Life You Want workshop deepens and broadens the work done in the Habits: Friend or Foe?, the same people will benefit: anyone who wants to get more out of life, gain greater self-awareness, feel more in control of whatever situations life throws at them, enjoy enhanced relationships with others, and who want to excel at work. Whether you are an individual, a superior, a manager, or a business owner, this is a Weekend Experience you won’t want to miss.


The workshop takes place at our office and meeting facility in Houston. The price of the workshop includes meals for the entire workshop. You will need to make separate arrangements for accommodations. If you need assistance with this, please contact us.

Comfortable casual clothing is recommended throughout the weekend.