Vision, Mission, Values

Helping organizations recover the full efficiency of what is possible from a productivity and profitability perspective is what DTP-Leadership has been doing for decades. These statements define how we help companies embark on a process of breaking down the barriers to organizational effectiveness, which manifests through an impact on efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Our Vision

We create dynamic and electrifying leaders.

Our Mission

Our unique process engages leaders to identify, emotionally connect to, and disrupt their habitual patterns to create a new concept of the self and the self as a leader.

Our Values

DTP-Leadership fosters a successful environment that supports positive change. To do so, we have a strong set of values that establishes the core framework for our process:


We facilitate the discovery of creativity, growth, and innovation that occurs when individuals and organizations diverge from the status quo.


Our process supports individuals to honestly examine their own behaviors and attitudes, ,starting at the personal level and movimg through the leadership level. We support the candor it takes for individuals to speak up about their experiences with others as well as within a system.


Is a lens through which to view all issues. We believe this encompasses environmental and social justice that respects interconnectedness of all life and acknowledges the responsibility we all have to consider the effects of our actions on others.


We ask individuals and leaders to live their values, and have their actions match their words.


We respect the unique perspectives and experiences that each person has and ensure that these differences contribute to a dynamic organization.


We believe passion is enthusiasm and energy that materializes into exemplary action.


It takes effort to work through change. We support the process of change through continuous learning, emotional connection, and honest communication.