Five Practices of High Impact Leadership

The Leadership Challenge is a three-day workshop for leaders who want to get extraordinary things accomplished. This workshop is based on the original and proven research of best-selling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The workshop focuses on each of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in detail. The Five Practices are:

• Model the Way

• Inspire a Shared Vision

• Challenge the Process

• Enable Others to Act

• Encourage the Heart

Each participant completes the 360-degree Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) online assessment, which is one of the most widely used leadership assessments available. The results are the basis for reviewing and developing actions to strengthen leadership behaviors. Research shows that people are significantly more satisfied with the actions of their leaders when they demonstrate the Five Practices.

What workshop participants will receive:

  • The LPI online assessment
  • An experiential workshop that includes facilitation, individual and group activities, and contemporary video case examples
  • Participant workbook
  • The Leadership Challenge Workshop Planner
  • The Leadership Challenge book
  • Values cards
  • In-depth learnings about the frequency with which participants demonstrate the Five Practices in their personal and professional lives

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Model the Way by clarifying their personal values and aligning their actions with their values
  • Inspire a Shared Vision and enlist others to share the vision
  • Challenge the Process by searching for new opportunities and taking risks through experimentation
  • Enable Others to Act through promoting cooperative goals and strengthening others by sharing power
  • Encourage the Heart with appreciation for individuals and team excellence and celebrating values and victories
  • Begin taking the actions in their Leadership Development Plan and apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to current business challenges
  • Commit to sharing their Action Plan with their observers

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