Every organization has its own set of challenges, opportunities, and goals that it seeks to accomplish. Anyone who has worked in an organization, whether it’s your own small company or a large fortune 500 corporation, has experienced how the best efforts to reach these goals fall short. Change initiatives come and go and come back around again with new names. The difference is that the DTP-Leadership process works. It is uniquely effective in its ability to identify and overcome the often hidden obstacles to success, both in the individuals in an organization and in the organizational culture as a whole.

So, how does the DTP-Leadership process work? The staff at DTP-Leadership recognize that people and organizations don’t change unless there is a genuine, heartfelt desire to change. People need to believe in, and feel committed to, the changes they are choosing or being asked to make. Guided by a core set of values and principles, the DTP-Leadership process helps people relate to change, and the need for change, on an emotional, not just an intellectual level. When individuals are clear about their own core values and beliefs, they can then see the daily choices they make in light of how what they do and say either supports or interferes with living in alignment with their core values and beliefs. With this clarity, people connect with the consequences of their choices at an emotional level. And when that connection happens, the door is wide open to true and lasting change.

When people change, organizations change. Practiced at an individual or organizational level, the DTP-Leadership process is transformational. With decades of in-depth experience helping people and companies adapt and grow, DTP-Leadership offers a wide range of services to meet your individual or company needs, including:

  • Leadership development
  • Overcoming harmful habitual patterns and blocks to change
  • Inclusion, diversity, and social justice
  • Strategic planning

Firmly grounded in our Vision, Mission, and Values, DTP-Leadership can provide you with the customized programs you need to bring about the individual or organizational changes you seek.