Intercultural Development Inventory®

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a 50-item assessment that measures cultural competency, or the capacity to shift behavior based on cultural commonalities and differences. It identifies five orientations across an intercultural development continuum to provide an indicator of how we experience and manage cultural differences. The assessment provides an intercultural development plan that supports expanding and enhancing cultural competency.

Your IDI Individual Profile Report provides valuable information about your own mindset/skillset toward cultural difference and commonality. You can gain valuable insights about how you engage cultural differences by reflecting on both past and current cross-cultural events or situations you have been or are involved in. Your IDI profile results can help you increase your own cultural self-and other-understanding around such differences and commonalities.

The IDI has been developed and tested using rigorous cross-culturally validated psychometric protocols with over 220,000 respondents from a wide range of cultural groups and countries. In addition, the IDI has been translated into several languages using rigorous “back translation” protocols.

The IDI with followup counseling costs $338.

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