Inclusion and Diversity

The “New Normal” is all about Cultural Competency and Social Justice

For more than 50 years, DTP-Leadership Group has provided comprehensive, life-changing programs on Cultural Competency and Social Justice. Ignoring the Black Lives Matter movement will impact the sustainability of your profits. We provide the advice, the expertise and the strategic planning that you need to thrive in the “new normal.”

DTP-Leadership can help you understand and deal with implicit bias, white immunity, white entitlement, micro- and macro-regressions and much more. We cover racism and eight other “ism’s”in our programs. We offer comprehensive assessments on cultural competency at the individual and organizational level. DTP-Leadership advisors are experts in the patterns that block individuals and teams. Our programs enable people to make emotional connections and teach them how to process their feelings, which is essential in achieving cultural competency.

We accept that CEO’s and department heads may not have the information needed to deal with cultural competency, diversity and social justice. We’re here to advise and support you during this transition. DTP-Leadership has done the research to understand the elements of cultural competency, human differences, and how they interrelate. We address them all: age, persons of color, LGBTQ, gender, women, white males, nationality, organizational hierarchy and people with disabilities.

Our programs are available virtually or in person as circumstances permit. We can identify specifically what is blocking your organization and preventing it from understanding and achieving cultural competency and social justice. We clarify and define actions that allow your company or institution to implement new policies and procedures. DTP-Leadership Group can help you thrive in the New Normal.

It’s time to go beyond “diversity in a box”

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