You Can Fight It!

This is a coloring book where you can create your own pictures about your disease, and your way of focusing on the healing process. It provides information on positive visualization, immune response, transformation and more in an easy-to-read, fun format.

You Can Fight It! costs only $12.95, plus shipping. To order, call (713) 202-6884 or email

You may also wish to talk with the author, Jackalyn Rainosek, PhD, about how to use this book. Her direct phone number is (713) 202-6884 or you can email her at

The author, Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek, PhD., is a Management Consultant and Facilitator of Learning with over 44 years of experience working with hundreds of individuals, teams, corporations, educational institutions,  and governmental organizations.
Dr. Rainosek is a:
  • Certified Master with The Leadership Challenge
  • Expert in identifying patterns that impede performance.
  • Developer of Diversity and Social Justice Programs
  • Visionary with training as a Certified Dream Coach

Here are a few sample pages from “You Can Fight It!”