Habitual Behavior Patterns Assessment

If you’ve tried to make lasting changes in your life before and felt frustrated in your efforts, or you are simply looking for ways to make positive improvements, the Habitual Patterns Assessment is an effective way to identify underlying patterns and blocks in your life that are interfering with your ability to achieve the kind of life you want. The Habitual Patterns Assessment enables you to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your life to make an honest evaluation of what is working and identify areas where you are having difficulty.

The assessment explores 17 different areas or dimensions of your life and it is unique in its ability to identify how thoughts, feelings, and actions in each of the 17 dimensions of your life tie to each other and affect each other. Things you are doing in one aspect of your life may be sabotaging other areas of your life without your awareness of the connections. This assessment makes these connections clear so you can take much more effective action toward change.

The Habitual Patterns Assessment Online costs only $75. At the end of the assessment, you get a detailed report of your scores and a  explanation of what they mean. Once you’ve considered the information, we recommend followup counseling to gain greater understanding. Our expertise in addressing destructive habitual patterns and addiction provides you with unequaled resources to bring about meaningful and lasting change in your life.

Followup counseling will provide you a much greater depth of understanding, particularly in how the 17 different assessment dimensions interact. An hour of counseling costs $205. You will have the option at the end of the assessment to request counseling. You can also request counseling later by emailing jackalyn@dtp-leadership.com.

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Habitual Patterns Assessment