Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our clients have to say about how they’ve benefited from working with us.

Rob Moss

Rob Moss

From Despondent and Disinterested to Finding Purpose and Fulfilling Dreams:

In this video, Rob Moss recounts his Dream Coach Journey in which he moved from despondent and unmotivated to engaged and revitalized through the Dream Coaching offered by Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek of DTP-Leadership Group. Here’s an excerpt of what he wrote after recently completing the process:
“I know where I want to go, I know how to get there and I know I am making progress. It is an entirely different world that I look out upon today, much more positive, much more certain. I know that there are obstacles ahead, but I also know that I am suitably equipped to overcome these obstacles. I am excited about the journey and not just the destination. When you are excited about the journey, taking that first step is much easier. And as often as not, all that is needed to propel you successfully into your future is that one step.”

“I started my leadership journey many moons ago and thought I was making good progress learning how to lead.  Then I met Jackalyn Rainosek from DTP leadership Group.  Her introspective leadership boot camp is a one-of-a-kind program.  Jackalyn is the drill sergeant and you are the new recruit.  The journey she takes you on is not for the faint of heart.  You will be uncomfortable, sometimes irritated, and many times disappointed.  Not with the program, but with yourself.  The DTP program gives you an unvarnished mirror of your reflection and opens up your heart and then shows you how to have newfound respect for yourself and others.  This program is not easy, but it is amazingly rewarding and life changing.  I highly recommend the DTP programs for all studying leaders.” – Administrator with a major Texas university

“Much of my work involves the study of human behavior and influencing that behavior. We can always learn more about our own behavior, and that can improve our work and personal lives. I was especially impressed with the thoroughness of the DTP-Leadership Group Habitual Behavior Self-Assessment, and the amount of study and work it took to develop it. It differs in scope from many assessments I have taken in the past. The results discussed with my facilitator gave me new insights into the way I work and how I relate to people, along with practical ideas for improvement that I will be able to apply immediately. I also see applications for this new knowledge in the work I do for my customers.” – President, Communications and Marketing Firm

“In my opinion the leadership training program was the best leadership program I have ever participated in. It was evident that this was not just a show and tell for DTP-Leadership but a way of life. They showed an uncanny ability to come into an organization, talk with individuals and get them to be honest with themselves about where the see themselves in the organization and where they want to be. They created an opportunity for real talk and not just another chance to use the company line for fear of rocking the boat or not appearing as a team player. Their leadership guidance helped us identify what our goals really were for our organization. Their success at motivating our leaders to dialog with each other on serious matters outside of operational issues allowed us to become clear about how to define success in the areas of leadership, visioning and strategic planning, human resources management, and education, training, and development. Our training helped us excel in all these areas and the relationship between management and staff improved to an 85% approval rating.”~ Assistant Director at a major metropolitan municipal court system.

“I recently completed the Habitual Behavior Self-Assessment at the invitation of Jackalyn Rainosek, and spent over an hour with her discussing my results afterward.  As a psychologist and professional educator, I have taken quite a few self assessment tools in various contexts over the years, and I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised at how this one stands out for me.  I could tell right away from the questions it asked, that the developers must have exceptionally keen insights into common but unhealthy patterns of thinking, acting, and reacting.  I’ve never considered myself to be an “addict” of anything, and still don’t, but working through this assessment really helped give me some language and new ideas to improve several of the almost “automatic” but destructive ways that I relate to myself and others in my life.  The conversation with Jackalyn about my results was invaluable, as it has provided me with profound new directions for my ongoing personal growth. Thank you DTP-Leadership!” ~ Educational psychologist and program evaluator

“I have become calmer, happier, and less depressed and anxious.  I’ve learned to let go of worry more easily.  My joy has increased as I participate more fully in the present moment.  My self-confidence has also increased as I’ve learned to become more assertive and create healthier boundaries for myself.  My work as a counselor has improved as well.  My workdays run more smoothly, and my relationships with my co-workers and clients are more enjoyable.  Overall, I feel happier and more thankful.” ~ Counselor at a non-profit family counseling center

“At WiseHeart Wellness Services we have found the Habitual Patterns Assessment an extremely valuable tool in our Intensive Food Addiction Treatment program. The depth and clarity of an individual’s symptoms and patterns provided by the assessment moves clients into a whole new perspective of their struggles very quickly.  It has truly helped cut through the illusion that the food is the only problem to reveal the underlying addictive pattern that requires healing. An hour’s investment with the highly skilled staff of DTP-Leadership cuts untold numbers of hours of valuable treatment time, often spent just convincing clients that they have broader issues to address. In addition, our clients and clinicians have a specific report to move strategically forward with and assess progress from as treatment evolves. Last but certainly not least, is the ease of administration and the usefulness of the easily interpreted results, which is an important factor for our complex and intensive program.” ~ Owner of WiseHeart Wellness, a treatment center for overeating

“Jackalyn Rainosek has been my coach for over 4 years. I can honestly say that the way I understand my life and the way I live my life is utterly transformed. Jackalyn has deep knowledge in so many fields of study that she can fuse all of this together to bring awareness, clarity and action steps to virtually any life situation. She comes to every session prepared and is clear on what had been previously discussed and what our action plan will be for the session. She is laser focused during sessions, but also brings empathy, enthusiasm, kindness and excellent accountability. I have deep appreciation for Jackalyn and her deep care on my personal and professional evolution and successes. If you want an exceptional guide, coach, accountability partner & truth-teller, then don’t hesitate to commit to working deeply with Jackalyn. It is life-changing!” – Joanna C. California
“After the atrocious murder of George Floyd, I felt horrified and compelled to do something, but didn’t know what. I soon received a four-page list of resources (curated by former colleagues) for self-education about diversity, equity, and inclusion. DTP-Leadership Group topped this list. Jackalyn Rainosek’s pressing question – What are you committed to do about racism? — and her invitation to “two online discussions about racism, Covid-19, the economy, and how all three … impact racial groups that contribute to racism” were motivating. Before the first gathering, however, I feared rejection:  After all, I am a white female who (then) felt inept knowing so little about both Black history and social justice. DTP’s study group was welcoming and met me where I was. I’ve now stayed on for ten months of semimonthly discussions and will continue. Each one has been well-facilitated and challenging, blending participant responsibility with evocative resources and insights on current events and group dynamics. I feel inspired and am far better equipped for uncomfortable conversations about some ‘-isms’ and for contributing to the endless walk toward social justice. With deep gratitude.” – Jeanette, a recent retiree of a university in Houston