Change is a Process, Not an Event

People are not dealing well with change, and we’ve all had a lot of it lately. The pandemic, the economy and more all require us to change. The companies and employees who handle change effectively, who embrace the process, will come through this period stronger and more creative.

In a two-hour online or in-person workshop,DTP-Leadership Group can show you how to remove the blocks to change, unleashing the creative and profit potential of yourself and your company.

Change is a transition that some people resist

Some executives, employees, managers, and supervisors are stuck, resistant and making themselves or others miserable due to their behaviors. They want to continue doing the same job in the same way. However, change is occurring or needs to occur — and they resist it in a number of ways.

• Show up “dead at their desks.”
• Believe they have no voice to suggest and participate in change
• Hold onto the familiar and comfortable which is detrimental.
• Insist they are “right” and need to show others are “wrong.”
• Assume they have the power to do whatever they want.
• Stay in their clique, clan or group and exclude others.

With 46 years of experience and a proven track record, DTP-Leadership Group has an in-depth understanding of how change occurs. Change is not a few events. Change is a process that we go through. It is a journey with many events or steps as we move along the change process. We help people to understand change, get clear what it takes to go through the change process, and then how to help others move through the change that occurs in an organization.

There are 16 primary ways people block change in organizations. Due to limited time, we will only cover some of them.

• Live in the fantasy that management will reduce the pain
• Decide I’m not going to change
• Play the victim/martyr

• New game — play by old rules
• Attempt to control the uncontrollable
• Choose their own pace of change
• Pick the wrong battles

In two hours, DTP-Leadership Group shows you how to identify seven of the 16 blocking techniques and discusses practical ways to work on eliminating these blocking techniques that people use to stop change
occurring in an organization.

This program also provides ways that individuals can work with themselves to lessen stress. Eleven different practices to handle stress are provided. You walk away from this program with approximately 25 pages
of handouts that help you implement your learnings.

You, your employees and your company are better equipped to lessen the stress when change occurs in the organization, and individually and collectively your organization benefit from the changes that you make going through this program.

DTP-Leadership Group can:

• Help you develop the competencies needed so people can function in change situations.
• Deal with the fear of friends or colleagues who oppose the change.
• Create structures, processes and practices that are in harmony with the change.
• Show how you can work first on yourself to embrace change.

Change begins with you.

We show you how to work on yourself and do the many actions needed to be more centered and able to change, as well as support others to change. We offer you techniques to become more emotionally aware and connected. You learn how to better relate to others and to resolve conflicts.

Contact us today and learn how to change yourself and your organization.