Meet DTP

DTP-Leadership co-founders Jackalyn Rainosek, Ph.D. and Liz Cloud have many years of experience helping individuals and organizations. The duo and their associates have identified the elements for successful personal and organizational growth and transformation.

Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

Jackalyn Rainosek, Ph.D. is the co-owner of DTP-Leadership Group, LLC (DTP).  Dr. Rainosek has been an entrepreneur and consultant for 45 years, working with hundreds of companies and management teams on challenges ranging from severe conflicts between executive team members, employees and customers to dealing with lack of understanding about emotional connection, habitual patterns that impede performance and profitability within the organization. Dr. Rainosek identifies issues with leadership, and then implements innovative leadership programs based on The Leadership Challenge.

Her diversity programs move a company beyond affirmative action, valuing difference and managing diversity to a place where the true potential of each employee can be realized. These programs support the creation of a culturally competent, diverse and a socially just work environment.  Please see this short article on how the four major product lines (Understanding Emotional Connection, Habitual Patterns, The Leadership Challenge, and Creating Socially just work environments) interrelate with each other.

Dr. Rainosek is an energetic and innovative learning facilitator and coach, with specialties in organizational development, training, community development, process consultation, mediation and dispute resolution. She has worked with small, medium, and large corporations in a wide array of industries, as well as educational institutions, community-development boards, legislative action-oriented organizations, and facets of city, county and state government.

She is a Certified Master Facilitator with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s work, The Leadership Challenge.  She is a Certified Dream Coach with Marcia Weider’s Dream University.  Dr. Rainosek was a long-term affiliate with NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, serving as a Dean of management and leadership programs.    As an executive coach for junior and senior managers, CEOs and Board members, she helps organizations gain the greatest possible benefit from their talent pools

Throughout her professional career, Dr. Rainosek focused on developing advanced transformational techniques and more effective organizational models. Her emphasis on responsible and emotionally connected relationships enriches individuals, pairs, groups, and organizations. Above all, she is an expert in maximizing human potential for the benefit of a corporation’s bottom-line. She has had a profoundly positive impact on the many organizations with which she has worked – as many delighted clients will attest.

Liz Cloud

Liz Cloud

Liz Cloud is Co-Owner of DTP-Leadership Group, LLC. A former CPA, Liz worked in corporate America in finance and administration to maximize the numbers and resources of various business units in an international construction and engineering firm, the hospitality and travel management industry, the financial and insurance industry, and retail electronics industry.

After 28 years in corporate America, Liz changed professions and today specializes in people rather than numbers.  She believes that numbers are good to know, and she appreciates her training and experience. However, it was time to follow another dream – to work with people. She joined forces with Jackalyn Rainosek and formed DTP-Leadership Group, LLC. Her passion is helping others to discover their own talents and gifts as leaders and how to apply these talents in their personal and professional lives. As a Certified Master in The Leadership Challenge© Liz enjoys facilitating others in clarifying their values, vision and purpose.

Liz’s clients value her insight and experience with self-assessment, leadership, social justice and how long-held beliefs can block creativity and change. She is insightful, supportive, committed, and emotionally connected on a soul level. She can be with individuals who have difficulty connecting with their feelings and help them through the connection process. She perceives intuitively what others have great difficulty seeing.

Liz is also passionate about learning. Not only does she learn and look outside her world for learning opportunities, she encourages others to challenge themselves to discover and apply new ideas.

Clients of different ages, genders, professions, and industries (including health care, legal, financial, retail, information technology, journalism, city and county government, and oil and gas among others), have benefited from Liz’s facilitation to improve their organizations as well as their personal lives. They have received promotions in work, become more active and productive team members or leaders in their organizations, and enhanced or developed more meaningful relationships. She has helped many clarify their values and learn to take risks to achieve their visions.

Liz is a graduate of the University of Texas with a BBA in Accounting. She is the co-founder of the Houston Area Council of ABWA and has served as a District II Vice President. Currently she is the Immediate Past President of the Federation of Houston Professional Women. She has served on Municipal Utility District  boards, a homeowner board, Toastmasters, and Texas Business Travel Association. She is a Past Woman of Excellence of the Federation of Houston Professional Women.

Liz is deeply committed to continuing to lead herself as well as other so all can achieve their deepest desires.

Sahira J. Abdool, MPA

Sahira J. Abdool, MPA

Sahira J. Abdool is a transformational leader who has worked directly with DTP Leadership for over 15 years. She has invested in working on her own leadership skills first and began her journey by studying under the leadership guidance of Certified Masters Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek and Liz Cloud in The Leadership Challenge® Program. Sahira has built transformative processes on how to best transcend these practices systemically throughout an organization from the “inside out.”  Sahira also provides crystal clear insights on overcoming the challenges facing organizations on the subject of “authentic inclusivity” and what that means for an ever changing and dynamically diverse workforce of the future. Her high energy and powerful knowledge of organizations from the public, private and the governmental sectors, will provide an evolutionary journey on how to build a sustainable high performing team and organization.

Sahira holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) as the first graduate of their program. She has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Statistics from HBCU; Tennessee State University. Sahira also has a Green Belt and Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, is certified with Trace International, Org in Anti-Fraud and Anti- Bribery as a Top Expert and has received global recognition and awards for her leadership transformational processes and results. Sahira has a refreshing approach of realism and being an authentic leader; never asking more from her team, clients or colleagues, than she is willing to give of herself”.



John Grace

John Grace

John Grace, a Registered Principal with Securities America, Inc., is a professional with over 30 years of experience. John, an Eagle Scout, attended Carleton College in Minnesota, and is a former President and Trustee of the Ventura County Council of the Boy Scouts of America; a former Board Member and Finance Committee Member of the El Camino College Foundation in Torrance; a former Trustee of the California Lutheran Educational Foundation at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks; a former Charter Member of the American Heart Association Ventura County Chapter; a past Executive Board Member of the Westlake Village Chamber of Commerce; and Past President of the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise. Due to his Knowledge and experience, John is a frequent lecturer on financial matters and has been retained to conduct workshops for colleagues, corporations, and various colleges, universities, and adult education programs, in addition to participating as a regular Keynote Speaker for Junior Achievement events around Southern California.

In 2020 as the pandemic proved to be a disaster of epic proportions, Investor’s Advantage offered free financial planning services to all front-line workers.  John said, “They do so much and receive so little in return. This is our way of supporting first responders who do everything to keep us safe now we can to what we can to help keep their assets in good order.”  John also released his first book, Making Finance Make Sense, now available at Amazon, and co-hosts a new radio show on VoiceAmerica, Fiscal Finance With John Grace and Daniel Medina.

Money isn’t the only thing, but it touches everything. Too many Americans today struggle with money because they don’t know how to play the game. For those who are ready to master the game of money, John Grace will be your coach who will first help you know your objectives. Then you can establish personal goals so that whether you live too long or die too soon, you can play the game to win.  As Founder and President of Investor’s Advantage Corp., John and his team have been working with one investor at a time since 1979.

Jackalyn Rainosek, Ph.D., has been a facilitator of learning and consultant in organizations for forty-five years. She talks about white privilege from a white women’s perspective. Together, Jackalyn and John cover income and wealth inequality, racism in its many forms, along with white privilege.  The team also highlights the world of opportunities when it comes to various industries that are becoming more interested in opening doors for women and minorities.

Jowell Lydon

Jowell Lydon

Jowell Lydon is a facilitator and coach who brings 29 years of personal development and awareness regarding his own habitual patterns and blocks to help others recognize and work through their own challenges and realize the lives they want for themselves. He has worked with individuals and organizations in a variety of industries and brings his belief in people and their innate ability to transform themselves to all that he does. Jowell believes in social justice and is committed as a white male to recognizing and addressing white male privilege and to helping other white males get past their entrenched resistance to address their privilege as well. 

Along with his work for DTP-Leadership, Jowell has worked as a team lead, project manager, and scrum master in the information technology sector. A life-long lover of the outdoors and wilderness, he is currently working to complete a masters degree in corporate sustainability and believes there is a strong connection between living sustainably and supporting social justice. Jowell sees all life on planet earth as interconnected and believes that the changes we make in ourselves are the most powerful way to make changes in the world.



Captain Allan Post

Capt. Allan Post

Captain Allan Post has been with Texas A&M University at Galveston for since 2009 as Executive Director of Marine Education Support and Safety Operations.

Capt. Post is a 1997 graduate of the State University of New York Maritime College with Bachelor of Science degrees in Meteorology and Oceanography with concentrations in marine forecasting and weather routing for ships at sea. He holds numerous maritime licenses including a Master 1600 ton inland and Great Lakes motor or steam vessels license, a Master (Non-Navigating) Passenger Carrying Barges license, GMDSS operator/maintainer license and a Third Mate motor or steam vessels unlimited tonnage upon any ocean or sea licenses. He is a recent graduate of the Governor’s Executive Development Program class 2013 with the Lyndon Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Capt. Post’s certifications include Advanced Fire Fighting, Bulk Cargo Storage, Hazmat Handling and Storage, Inert Gas and Crude Oil Wash, First Aid and CPR with AED. He is an instructor for Texas Parks and Wildlife Safe Boating. Capt. Post is also a National Weather Service Skywarn weather spotter and FEMA Incident Command System Certified.

Capt. Post joins TAMUG from Star Fleet Entertainment Yachts in Kemah, Texas where he served as the Director of Operations and Development/ Port Captain. At Star Fleet he was in charge of a fast paced daily operations of charter boat and dinner cruise company which generated upward of $3 million a year in revenue. One of his proudest accomplishments at Star Fleet was leading the mitigation of the Star Fleet facilities prior to Hurricane Ike. Capt. Post contracted naval architects to design and install a hurricane mitigation system for the marina and company – a system that worked as designed with no operational loss during Hurricane Ike.

At TAMUG, Capt. Post is responsible for the daily management of waterfront operations including all research, training/teaching, recreational, outreach vessels and non-TAMUG vessels moored in the TAMUG Small Boat Basin and the Texas Clipper dock facility; vessel scheduling; booking and invoicing of boat trips. His latest role is that of Campus Emergency Response Coordinator and Director of Environmental Health & Safety. In that role he is responsible for the planning and practicing of campus wide emergency response as well as acting as the Incident Commander for campus emergencies.

Capt. Post is a 2016 graduate of TAMUG in the Master’s program for Maritime Administration and Logistics. Capt. Post is a direct report to the TAMUG Chief Operations Officer.

Arlen B. Smith

Arlen B. Smith

In my career, I spent 25 years in Law Enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, one of the largest Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States. I worked in the Jails, the Courts and briefly in the field. “I’ve seen it all and experienced it all.”

I have over 20 years of senior-level management experience within the Private Security Sector. I conducted Physical Security Surveys, Knowledge of Fire/Life safety, several years as a Director of Safety and Security for various companies, experience in the area of loss prevention management, School Security, Security Instructor, Special Event Planning (public and private), risk management, experience in both civil and criminal investigation, and fraud and accidents claims. In addition, I have knowledge of CCTV, access control, intrusion devices, command center layout and similar technologies, and 18 years Estate / Executive Protection of key personnel and celebrities / important guests, and the overall management of others. Lastly, I have provided Training and Counseling regarding Sexual Harassment.

Working within the Justice System as a Law Enforcement Officer, I got to see first-hand how our Justice system works against Blacks, people of color and the poor. We live in a society that is based on the color of your skin and your zip code. I’m co-authoring a book with Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek to discuss and analyze the social injustices affecting Blacks, people of color, and the poor. Being Black myself, I know first-hand what it means to feel the biased and harsh treatment given out because of the color of my skin.

Dr. Rainosek and I have both worked in Sheriff’s, Police, and court systems. We have the experience and expertise to help Sheriff’s, Police, and court systems develop programs to recognize and alleviate implicit bias, and foster cultural competency and social responsibility. We can initiate or enhance diversity initiatives. We have the background, experience, information and commitment to help you achieve a socially just work environment.

Linda Snook

Linda Snook

Linda Snook is a natural entrepreneur, even though she has been an employee at various points in her professional career. In 2009, Linda opened her own company: Snook Consulting Training L.L.C.  She is a certified “Daring Way” and “Rising Strong” facilitator through Brene Brown. Linda is also a certified life and transformational coach and consultant through Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Institute.

Linda has provided specialized coaching and leadership to a multiplicity of organizations. Linda also owned an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for individuals and their family members. Linda’s IOP won an award for being the most diverse IOP in the State of Texas.

Linda has been a consultant for employers, brokers, and facilities that needed a greater understanding of Managed Care. She has been a Senior Account Executive, District Manager, and Area Manager for Magellan Behavioral Health Services. Linda has been a top Sales Manager and employee in her earlier years as a professional.

Linda is an excellent communicator and has a powerful way of building relationships. She has a desire to see people get a second chance in life. She has volunteered and been on a board of a non-profit women’s center in our community.

George Sroka

George Sroka

George Sroka is on his third career at least. Initially, he worked in the newspaper business, rising to the position of editor and winning Texas state awards for excellence. In 1987, he co-founded Laser Ink, one of the first toner cartridge remanufacturing companies in Houston. He grew that into a million-dollar business, which he sold in 2018. His third career with DTP-Leadership includes training in the Habitual Patterns Assessment and coaching with Dr. Rainosek.

George is also continuing what might be called his fourth career. Twelve years ago, he completed his initial yoga teacher training. He has since completed 500-plus hours of training as a yoga teacher. He has taught at The Yoga Institute, Sama Yoga, Republic Aerial Yoga, and 24 Hour Fitness.

Recently, he started a tech support business called HolisTech, where he solves technology problems, great or small.

George has been active in civic affairs. He served as president of the Montrose Business Guild and the Hyde Park Civic Association for several years. At the end of his term with the civic association, he received the Volunteer of the Year Award which was commemorated with the proclamation of “George Sroka Day” by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. The proclamation includes this phrase: “He has been the truest definition of a good neighbor.”

He is blessed with good friends and good health, and looks forward to learning more in his latest career.